Міст-віадук "Три Мости"

Years of construction

Unknown, approximately 17-19 centuries

Architectural style



route R-24 between Horodenka and the village of Kotykivka

The unique monument of Horodenka, the three-arch bridge over the Yamgoriv stream, was popularly called "Three Bridges". The exact date of construction of this bridge is unknown and is determined by the period of 17-19 centuries. Today it is the oldest city in Galicia and the second oldest in Ukraine (the oldest - in Kamianets-Podilskyi).

At the end of the 19th century, the bridge was reconstructed by Baron Yakiv Romashkan. Unlike Potocki, who was mostly concerned with the public good, the baron did so mainly for purely selfish reasons. Romashkan had a residence in the neighboring village of Serafinka, and during each trip to Horodenka he had to take an emergency bridge at that time. So the baron repaired the facility to secure his travels.

Finding cities without locals is problematic. Above is a normal part of the road. In the summer, you won't even understand: is it a bridge or just a high barrier? To see the ancient monument, you need to go down.